Can You be Kind and Bold Simultaneously? Guest, Katherine McIntosh

Can You be Kind and Bold Simultaneously? Guest, Katherine McIntosh

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October 30, 2017 by Imperfect Brilliance with Betsy & Kathy

Imperfect Brilliance! with Betsy McLoughlin & Kathy Williams Radio Show

Can you be Kind and Bold Simultaneously?

What if being creative was not about force, push, or worry? What if there was a way to create that created more for everyone? If you are tired of worrying about money and constantly feel like you are pushing your creations, your business, or you in a way that is depleting you, exhausting your adrenals, and causing you to go into fight or flight, then come join the conversation for a new way of looking at your creations. Discover what it’s like to create from the space of being…without judgment, without force, and without need! Sound too good to be true? Then you definitely won’t want to miss this one! Join Kathy & Betsy with their guest Katherine McIntosh for a conversation to create more for your life!

Katherine McIntosh is an International Intuitive Consultant, Speaker, and Best-Selling Author and Certified Facilitator with Access Consciousness. Katherine has coached women and men all over the world to love the skin they’re in and create a business, body, and life they love. She is the Founder of The No Judgment Diet and her target is to contribute to 10 Million + people getting out of judgment of themselves.

Could your imperfections actually be your brilliance? What if your willingness to acknowledge your brilliance is the catalyst to creating a new reality? One of magic and joyous possibilities! Imperfect Brilliance is about shedding all the layers of the not-you, everywhere where you’re making yourself wrong… because underneath all that crap lies what’s beautiful and imperfectly right about you. When you stop judging you, what else can you create in the world? Certified Facilitators of Access Consciousness® Betsy McLoughlin and Kathy Williams invite you to come play and release the judgment so you can truly shine.

Betsy McLoughlin is an international best selling author, and a dynamic facilitator who knows about change!  She has facilitated many clients who are choosing something different for their lives.  Betsy has used the tools of Access Consciousness® to completely transform her life – releasing depression and several illnesses.  ​Now Betsy is joyfully claiming and acknowledging her many talents and abilities and using them to facilitate others to do the same as a Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness®, an Access Body Process and Bars Facilitator, Coach, and change agent of magnitude. 

Kathy Williams is an international best selling author and has been facilitating transformation through workshops, classes & private sessions for over 16 years. She is a dynamic speaker and transformational coach who works with clients internationally, and a Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness® in Hawaii, and beyond. Kathy takes great joy in spreading consciousness on the planet! 

These ladies are best-selling authors and great partners for you. Is now the time to discover your imperfect brilliance?

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