Buying, Selling and What Happens Between the Sheets Guest Lisa Benitz

Buying, Selling and What Happens Between the Sheets Guest Lisa Benitz

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August 31, 2015 by Imperfect Brilliance with Betsy & Kathy

Have you ever wanted to know energetically what you can do to sell your house and what energies to tap into to buy one?   What are the energies that lie between the sheets to adjust your energies that will create what you are seeking?

Join Betsy, Sadie and Fellow Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator Lisa Benitz for a SURE to be Lively conversation. Who knows where we will end up.

Lisa Benitz has over 20 years experience as a Feng Shui Master, Interior Decorator, writer, personal coach, public speaker and Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator, Body Process Facilitator and Right Relationship For You Facilitator. Lisa Benitz’s gift allows her to see through the mounds of accumulation to the pure essence of what each individual desires. This helps them transform their relationships, which in turn can improve their finances, careers, and health.

Lisa’s journey has inspired others to not be negatively affected by their past, culture, geographical location, or current situation. Instead she gives them the tools to know that they can create a brighter future. She loves to empower others internationally through her coaching and hands on healing approach.

With her combination of humour and honesty, Lisa assists her clients in shedding years, and sometimes lifetimes, of things that are no longer serving their best interests. Once they have been gently coached her clients have found that their lives are impacted for the better. Areas in their life that were initially blocked now open up, and things begin to flow in a positive way.

Are you willing to show up today in this moment for yourself, and step into new possibilities that will create more joy and peace?

Lisa invites you to not wait, and quit making excuses to not be there for yourself. Today is the day! ~