Buying Rocks ~ Jody Ann Roy

Buying Rocks ~ Jody Ann Roy

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March 7, 2018 by Uniquely Rocking It ~ Jody Ann Roy

Uniquely Rocking It ~ Jody Ann Roy Radio Show 

We talk about what to think about when your buying rocks. How to know what rocks to buy and how to not get taken – If this is something you have wondered about join me where many of your questions will get answered when buying rocks!  

Have you wondered how to know what you should l buy, how to pick the right one and if you are buying with confidence. Well when buying rocks you will just need to give a little thought and you will have the right one for you.

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Do you LOVE rocks and crystals? Have you ever wondered what the difference between them is? Or how they can work and help in your daily life?

Jody Ann Roy is a mother, wife and Memere with a background and degree in science. She has collected rocks her whole life. She takes a no-nonsense approach to life, her business and rocks.

In her series, she will cover many topics and many more of your questions about your rocks and crystals. Find out what makes them work, and why love certain ones resonate with you more than others. How to incorporate them in your life. How to tell them apart, best ways to store them, cleanse them and how to incorporate rocks and crystals in your daily life.

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