Business… Hot Sexy & Raw with Steve and Chutisa Bowman

Business… Hot Sexy & Raw with Steve and Chutisa Bowman

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September 10, 2014 by Living Consciously with Kass

Are you starting your own business and trying to put all the pieces together? Are you an small business owner and it feels like all pieces are falling apart?

How do you

  • Get the word out?
  • Go beyond your comfort level or your niche?
  • How do you pick the right collaborators?
  • Who do you hire? Who do you fire?
  • When is it time to fire yourself?
  • How much will you have to invest?
  • What can you expect to earn ?

What if creating business could be hot, sexy & raw? Would that be fun for you? Would it create more in your wallet and the world?

Join Kass Thomas with Special Guests Steve and Chiutisa Bowman as we get down and dirty talking about creating & sustaining business.

Steven and Chutisa Bowman have been working with CEOs and Executive Boards to help them approach business differently.

Authors of books such as Prosperity Consciousness, Conscious Leadership and No More Business as Usual and No More Risk as Usual, this dynamic duo couple have traveled the world changing the way folks do business and helping them get more.

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