Break the Pain-Pleasure-Cycle to Feel Vibrantly Alive! ~ Guest Nicole Olsthoorn

Break the Pain-Pleasure-Cycle to Feel Vibrantly Alive! ~ Guest Nicole Olsthoorn

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April 6, 2018 by Radiant Power Hour ~ Tara Preston

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Join myself Tara Preston, Beauty Shaman and my special guest Nicole Olsthoorn, a high level medium and channel on the next Radiant Power Hour radio show, as she shares with us how to break the pain-pleasure-cycle, and why this is KEY to living your most vibrant, radiant and alive life. Living in our pleasure is our natural state of being, and while we may understand that it can still sometimes elude us, pleasure truly is our birth right and Nicole is going to share with us, simple tools to begin dissolving the patterns that can keep us locked in pain.

Nicole wishes for nothing more than for you to be ecstatically happy with your life, and that is just what she is going to help us do on this next episode of Radiant Power Hour Radio! She lives her life following her own pleasure and wild wisdom, and truly feels that life should be an amazing joyful adventure, however you envision that to be.

On the call Nicole will explain the basics of the pain-pleasure-cycle and how we can use this as an everyday tool to snap ourselves out of pain and into pleasure, which is key for being the most vibrant and alive version of you.

Nicole is passionate about the sharing the message that aliveness and adventure is the inevitable result of connecting with something greater than yourself. By handing her clients the tools they need to choose pleasure over pain over and over again, she empowers them to establish that connection for themselves and free up the way to a life filled with radiant and vibrant joy and adventure.

Nicole Olsthoorn is the founder of Your Wild Wisdom and the creator of The 6 Levels of Awareness, a channeled modality that logically explains what channeling and mediumship is how you can consciously create an experience of Oneness in and with yourself and All That Is. With a background in International Leisure Management and several positions as an Office Manager, Nicole did not consciously set out to being a medium at first. She always had a fascination for ancient wisdom, paranormal activities and spirituality but was too afraid to share the depth of this fascination with anyone around her. What would they think? What would they say? What if they would reject her and she would be all alone? For 7 years Nicole lived in a spiritual closet. All the while training herself with a staggering amount of courses, workshops and apprenticeships to feed her insatiable desire to learn more. It was not until 2015 when she slowly started to acknowledge her divinely given talent for writing, that her channeling work took a more serious turn and she was ready to come out of hiding. Next to her work as a medium, Nicole is founder of Your Wild Wisdom and a well-respected mentor and spiritual teacher among those who are ready to unleash their wild wisdom and embody the most vibrant and alive version of themselves. Her adventures are not for everyone, but they might just be for you.  FREE GIFT

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