Blame it on the Entities with special guest Liam Phillips

Blame it on the Entities with special guest Liam Phillips

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May 14, 2014 by Talk to the Entities® with Cara and Bret

It is soooooo easy to BLAME IT ON THE ENTITIES…

especially when you know they exist….and does that create more consciousness or less…for you and for them???

We have a special guest on the show this week who will be joining in on the exploration of this very common thing people choose, when they choose their awareness of entities.

What if nothing is ever created through blame?

What are the other choices you have here?

What would be the greatest contribution to you and the spirit world??

Many people are aware of entities and like our parents we often blame them for how our lives show up.

Entities have no power over you other than what you give them . Fear of them, blaming or not trusting you creates us as a victim.

These tools will empower you to trust you as a being and create future of possibilities way beyond what you thought was possible.

Join Cara ,Bret and Liam to step in to more potency of where you get to be the creator of your own reality and not the effect if entities

Liam is an Access Consciousness and Talk to the Entities facilitator. Liam pushed his body to the limit creating a terminal disease and just before slipping into a coma he chose to live. Magically access then came into his life and his body started to recover quickly and easily.

Part of this journey was meeting the founder of TTTE Shannon Ohara, who facilitated Liam to more awareness and better health by opening possibilities to awareness and communicating with Entities.