Beyond The Judgment Of You with Marilyn Bradford

Beyond The Judgment Of You with Marilyn Bradford

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January 5, 2015 by Simply Being

What if you weren’t wrong?  What if the system of self judgment could be changed with ease? In this show Rioha and Marilyn will be offering a totally different perspective on judgment as well as tips and tools to help you to make the changes you desire.

Marilyn Bradford, LCSW, CFMW, and MEd., is an author, therapist, teacher, and speaker who gives lectures and workshops about addiction worldwide.  Her ground breaking book, “Right Recovery For You”, offers a radical and effective approach to ending any addictive or compulsive disorder. Marilyn has worked in the field of addiction and mental health for over 23 years.

Finding traditional treatment ineffective, she approached Gary Douglas, the founder of Access, to see what might be possible.

Together they founded Right Recovery For You, LLC, a unique program, which utilizes transformational tools and techniques to empower people to permanently end addictive behavior. Results from using this model include decreased treatment time, an absence of cravings, an increase of self-awareness and mastery, and self esteem, as well as the freedom for the client to move on and generate and create a life they truly desire.

Marilyn facilitates tele-classes, in person classes, and private sessions dealing with all ways that addiction shows up, including but not limited to: addiction to judgment, being wrong, alcohol, relationships, food and eating “disorders”, cigarettes, poverty, drugs, fixing other people’s problems, polarity and playing small.

She is also a certified Access Facilitator and facilitates Bars, Foundation and Level 1 classes.

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