Beyond Competition: Business on the Innovative Edge ~ Heather Nichols

Beyond Competition: Business on the Innovative Edge ~ Heather Nichols

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January 18, 2016 by Creating Beyond Reality! with Heather Nichols
What if there is a possibility with business where contributing to others, their businesses, and their creations could create more for you and your business as well? What if your business could benefit from the growth and expansion of the businesses and entrepreneurs around you? When we recognize that competition is a lie and not even possible, we begin to create from a totally different space. What if you have a ‘monopoly’ on YOU? When you truly be you in your business, it is not possible for others to compete with you. When you truly contribute to others being themselves in their businesses, everybody can thrive and grow and expand with everything they are creating! What if a win-win-win with business is the new reality? Are you willing to be that possibility?

Heather Nichols has been playing in the field of personal growth and transformation as a teacher, therapist, lover of bodies, and entrepreneur since she finished graduate school in 1997. She has owned multiple businesses, taught movement and somatic awareness extensively, and has always been fascinated by the art of creation.

Heather discovered the tools of Access Consciousness in 2010 and was amazed by how fast and effective these tools are for creating change. In the many years of studying a plethora of different transformational bodies of work, she had never seen anything create so much change for people, so quickly, easefully, and with a lightness & play that she always knew was possible. She is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator and Body Process Facilitator, and love to travel the globe facilitating this potent body of work.

The conversation of creation is particularly juicy for Heather, as she loves to create, create, create beyond the impossibilities of this reality, and into the magnificence of infinite creation.

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