Being WITH Your Body

Being WITH Your Body

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February 23, 2015 by Creating Beyond Reality! with Heather Nichols

What if your body knows way more than you have ever acknowledged?  What if you could contribute to your body, receive from your body, be WITH your body—in a way that would generate and create so much more ease and magic in your life?

 Our bodies can be an incredible guide and compass for *more* in every area of our lives.  So much of the time it is the refusal to acknowledge, honor, and listen to our bodies that contracts our lives and eliminates possibilities.  Being WITH your body is an act of honoring and receiving the brilliance of your body with total allowance, gratitude, and no point of view.

What if you could have true intimacy with your body?  And with you?  What would that create?  What would that change?  What would be different?

Join Heather for this potent conversation that will include tools, processes, and possibilities for being with your body in a way that can expand your life and living dynamically right away.  Heather brings 20 years of facilitating embodiment through movement, meditation, yoga, somatic therapy, tantra, and Access Consciousness to her powerful work with bodies.


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