Being with the Animals ~ Guest Suzy Godsey

Being with the Animals ~ Guest Suzy Godsey

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February 18, 2019 by Dancing Your Life ~ Corinna Stoeffl

Dancing Your Life ~ Corinna Stoeffl Radio Show

How many people have pets and love them dearly. They show their love by buying all these special items like a plush bed, a fashionable leash, the supposedly best food, etc. The question is, do the pets care about this in the same way we do? Or what are they really interested in receiving from us? We do for the pets, what about being with them? And what does being with them mean, what is required? Suzy Godsey and I will have a conversation along the lines of these questions.

As a small kid Suzy Godsey did not know what to do with her awareness around animals. She started walking imaginary dogs to ‘make sense’ of the information she received all the time. All the possible jobs that were available at the time involving working with animals never did seem like they actually matched the energy of what Suzy knew was possible, even though she apprenticed to become a Farmer and Animal Communicator. The closest she came to that energy was when she became a dog walker. It was not until she found Access Consciousness that she became aware that the energy she perceived as a child was finally available.

Suzy Godsey is the Access Consciousness® Certified Specialty Class, Talk to the Animals Program Director and Founder of the unique and powerful modality ~ ESSE ~ Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment. Her ability to listen to and learn from animals gives Suzy the tools to facilitate others in communicating more and knowing that animals have their way they see the world. In her desire to create more for animals Suzy facilitates classes all over the world, on the phone and internet radio. Her work has appeared on U.S. and international television, radio, and internet telesummits, including a segment on Cesar Milan’s “Dog Whisperer” television show.

Suzy’s Target?
“Really, when you ask me what my target is, the first thing that comes up is ‘To Change The Whole World’. There are so many things that are not working here, especially when it comes to living and working with animals. This Earth is an incredible and beautiful place and I will do whatever I can to create it as a sustainable, living organism. How can we create joy and possibility for all of us? Animals included?”

The Tools of Access Consciousness
These life-changing techniques, tools and processes are designed to empower you to create the life you desire. Practical, dynamic, and pragmatic, Access provides step-by-step processes to facilitate you in being more conscious in every day life and eliminate all the barriers you have put up to receiving.

Delivered through seminars, teleseries, books, audios and consultations, Access Consciousness™ is not about metaphors, ideas or sweet talk. It actually works! Every person who uses these tools and this more conscious way of living finds it works. Suzy has been using these tools with animals and in the relationship between people and animals successfully. Animals can easily change given the chance and the tools provide the ease required for the change.

~ More About Dancing Your Life with Corinna Stoeffl ~ 

I love to watch ravens dance on the wind, the stronger the wind, the more fun they seem to have. What if we danced our lives?

What do I mean with that?
How much fun and ease can we have in our lives?
How much intensity would we allow ourselves to experience?
How much elegance would we enjoy?
What could change if we were in communion with others, with animals and plants, with the earth?
What if nothing had significance?
It is not that I know all or have answers to any of those questions above. I am curious, I like to explore, I will even jump if necessary in order to find out. Would you like to join me on that exploration? On this journey, I will use the tools of Access Consciousness®, the conversations we have and my love of looking at something from all different angles (what I jokingly call mental gymnastics.)

I invite you to a lighthearted and fun exploration of all of life.

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