Being the CFO of Your Life! Guest Chutisa Bowman

Being the CFO of Your Life! Guest Chutisa Bowman

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August 31, 2015 by Creating Beyond Reality! with Heather Nichols

How much financial awareness do you have in your life?  Are there areas of money that you refuse to acknowledge, learn about, or be empowered to create with?  If you are asking for more money in your life, a big part of creating it is the willingness to have greater financial awareness.  What do you resist learning about money, investing, business, and finances?  Where do you turn a blind eye to your money and financial accounts?  What would it create in your life if you empowered yourself to have more information and awareness in these areas?

When Chutisa Bowman chose to become the CFO of her life, so many things changed for her, her family, her business, and her money flows.  Join Heather Nichols as she interviews Chutisa about the magic she has created in her financial world by choosing to become the CFO of her life and empowering herself with more tools, information, and willingness to BE joy with money!

Chutisa Bowman is an author and globally recognized thought leader in human potential.  Drawing from her background in Psychology and  25 years of professional experience in management and operations of public companies, Chutisa inspires and encourages people globally to expand their vision to become pragmatic futurists and lead with strategic awareness.

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