Become a Catalyst of Connection – Guest Gerard Roy

Become a Catalyst of Connection – Guest Gerard Roy

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April 1, 2019 by The SOAR Experience

The SOAR Experience with Laurie Hawkins

How do you connect with the people who will lead you to new opportunities and greater fulfillment? Business and personal success is all about making the right connections; new customers, employees, friends, and trusted partners. So many people focus more on volume than depth. How many networking events have you attended where it feels like a race to the most business cards given and received? Social networks encourage us to gain more and more followers!

To reach our full potential we need to create meaningful connections with people who see things differently than we do, ask very different questions, imagine very different possibilities, and challenge us to rethink the way we do the things that matter most.

Gerard Roy is a superhero at connection and on this episode, he will share new insights, ideas and information, to inspire you to take your business to new levels of growth and success…while also aligning your life in a deeper, more meaningful way.

Gerard Roy is a leader, coach and master at creating connection through both collaboration and challenge. Believing that everything about building a successful business begins with people, he focuses intentionally on helping individuals to reach their full potential. He exemplifies strategy+soul™, with a keen focus on driving results and guiding people towards peak performance.
Gerard has a passion for all thing’s competition.

His greatest joy comes from the opportunity to strive, compete, improve, grow and learn. He is high energy with a unique blend of empathy and drive.

Over 5 years ago, Gerard took a dramatic leap of faith and completely shifted industries in order to align with a culture that he could both embody and ignite, with his gifts. You will find him as the GM of Lubrico Warranties, a leader in their field, with over 40 years of accomplished success. 

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The world has become “intensely noisy”.  People everywhere are seeking insights and inspiration that will bring clarity, connection and congruency to their business and life. Does this resonate with you? Have you ever found yourself in this position?

The SOAR Experience, with host Laurie Hawkins, will curate and cultivate the strategy+soul™ to guide you on a journey of discovering new perspectives, mind-shifts and possibilities.



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