Be the Leader and Create Your Reality

Be the Leader and Create Your Reality

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January 12, 2015 by Growing Up Conscious with Cathleen

Are you ready for a different 2015? What if in order to create a different reality it requires you to be ALL of you- the Leader in your life? Leaders are not born they are empowered to Be, Do, Have, Create and Generate their lives and living every moment of every day. So would you like to know what it takes to be the Leader in your own Life? The Leader that inspires others? Your ability to lead is what attracts everything to you- the money, the joy, the possibilities, the abundance, the relationships etc. The Universe wills to bring everything to you when you commit to you.

Join me on this exciting interview with Vanitha Subramaniam as we explore the keys to Being a Leader and Creating your Life and Your Reality.

Vanitha’s Bio:

Vanitha Subramaniam is an ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS Certified Facilitator, Psychologist, Public Health Specialist, Transformational and Leadership Coach, Mentor and CEO of Conscious Solutions. Vanitha travels the world inspiring and empowering people to create change within themselves so that they can become more aware of what they would like to generate and create as their lives. Vanitha has a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and Health Development and Policy. With more than 15 years of experience in leadership and management, Vanitha has worked internationally in the public health arena, health promotion, women and child health, sustainability and mental health; including in partnership projects with UNIFEM, UNFPA and UNDP. Today, she works with clients on a personal basis and teaches classes on various topics and conducts workshops internationally.


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