Ask & You Shall Receive – This Time You WILL! ~ Guest Maria La Riva

Ask & You Shall Receive – This Time You WILL! ~ Guest Maria La Riva

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March 2, 2015 by Joy of Living with Laleh

Joy of Living with Laleh Radio Show with Laleh Alemzadeh – Hancock

“Ask & You Shall Receive?” This simple statement found in the bible is one that many of us have heard in many different parts of our lives.  Some people have asked this question and their desires came to fruition while others did not see the same results.  What was different? Join us on Joy of Living with Laleh on March 2nd as Guest, Maria LaRiva, shares the missing link to receive what you have been asking for.

About Maria La Riva – An Access Bars facilitator, Certified Life Coach and an Author. From a very early age she realized that connecting with people, writing and facilitating workshops was what brought her to life. “My life was great when I was a child, I lived in Paris and went to the best schools in France and the USA. I went through pretty harsh times after that.  Maria was incarcerated in an abusive relationship with no way out until she found Access Consciousness. “I know, I’ve been there” is her most common sentence when coaching. People feel at ease with her, knowing she can understand them from personal experiences and think that if she could come to a tranquil state of mind being successful, then they would also be able to.

Her first book ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE: This time you will! Expresses ideas that she learned with Access Consciousness and is the base of her success. She applies these theories to empower people all around the world to be the power they are. Her book is being sold in all continents changing people’s life only after having read just a few pages “And that is a great satisfaction” she comments.

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