The Art of Sensuality ~ Nicole Saynara Lellek

The Art of Sensuality ~ Nicole Saynara Lellek

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September 27, 2017 by Living Art Beyond Judgment

Living Art Beyond Judgment with Nicole Saynara Lellek Radio Show

Creating and enjoy art is a very sensual experience. So is the art of living. Yet we have been taught to rationalize our art & living. And often wonder about the results showing up in our daily life. What if sensuality was way more important than you ever acknowledged? What if sensuality is the true driving force behind art AND life?

Have you been creative as long as you can remember but never dared to truly live as an artist? Have you been told that you were “not good enough” by people who were not even creative in the first place? Instead you have been advised to build a normal career that supports your life and living? And then came the day you realized: Damn, something is missing here?!?

What if it never was to late start being creative again? And to be an artist? What if you could discover your unique creativity in a fun and easy way without ever judging you and your art again? 

Nicole Saynara Lellek is an Intuitive Artist who struggled with her creativity for decades until she finally found a way out of constantly judging herself and her work. Being told from early on that she “wasn’t good enough” she adopted the point of view falsely assuming it was her own.

Today it’s Nicole Saynara’s deepest wish to create a new movement in art – one that is no longer based on struggle and self-judgments. She envisions an art movement where positive vibes, peace and well-being directly flow from the artist into the medium and spread from there into the world to inspire more.

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