Are You Listening? ~ Guest Sue Jacobs

Are You Listening? ~ Guest Sue Jacobs

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November 4, 2019 by The SOAR Experience

The SOAR Experience with Laurie Hawkins

Have you ever experienced something in your life that stopped you cold in your tracks? That had such an incredible impact on your life and your vision for your future? What if you have experienced this and yet, you missed it because you weren’t listening. Sue Jacobs will share with us a powerful story of an experience she had on a global trip that shaped her future. She will share insights with you that can help you to listen and hear the messages that are there for you.

Sue Jacobs is an Image and Wardrobe Consultant – what does that mean?
She is an image & wardrobe coach, a personal shopper for her clients and a workshop & keynote speaker.

Before experiencing any of her services, Sue carefully explores all aspects of image with her clients during her signature “personal style appointment” where their goals, values & life style come together creating a ‘style personality’. This compulsory session enables Sue to guide them in making strategic wardrobe choices down the road.

Whether refreshing older pieces into fabulous current outfits or adding new pieces to round out their existing wardrobes, Sue’s priority is singular. “The client must own the look. What I mean is, the outfit must feel like her second skin, so she feels and looks like the best version of herself, perfectly imperfect, on her terms, honoring who she is, the inside reflected on the outside.”

Sue shops for her clients, who come from all corners of the country, online when distance is a factor, and proudly in local shops all across South Western Ontario keeping in mind the clients needs, budget and image goals.

Looking good is not about age, shape, size or last name.

“It’s all about understanding what works for you. Moving away from old stories that no longer serve you and stepping into your own greatness is where we are going together. That’s when we can make strategic wardrobe choices that will share your message, your authentic message, to everyone you meet.”

Sue sells confidence and that’s what she believes opens the doors to life.
Check out her website for the full scoop, how she ties her work to community and giving back and the fabulous Custom Programs Sue creates for her many and varied client groups.

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