Are You Killing Your Body with Food? Guest ~ Sadie Lake

Are You Killing Your Body with Food? Guest ~ Sadie Lake

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December 14, 2015 by Creating Beyond Reality! with Heather Nichols
Food is a very interesting subject in this world, and certainly one that has many, many points of view attached to it. Add the holidays to an already complicated area of life for some, and your body may not be very happy with you! What is possible with and beyond food?  What if the points of view you have about food determine the impact it has on your body way more than what is actually in it?  And what does your body know about food and how you can use food to exponentialize your body’s energy, rather than destroy, numb, dull, and suppress it?

Join Sadie Lake and Heather Nichols as they share insights, awareness, powerful Access Consciousness clearings, and new possibilities with you that will allow you to have a joyful, easeful time with your body over the holidays and step into the new year feeling fantastic rather than weighed down.

Sadie Lake is a Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness® a dynamic catalyst for change. The only thing she loves to do more than dance is facilitate herself and others to MORE… more awareness, question, choice, and possibilities. What do YOU know about that?
Sadie is also a Co-host of Imperfect Brilliance Radio Show, with Betsy McLaughlin, on You can listen to Imperfect Brilliance shows here –


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