Are You Hiding Your Brilliance Guest Alun Jones

Are You Hiding Your Brilliance Guest Alun Jones

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March 14, 2016 by Imperfect Brilliance with Betsy & Kathy

When was the last time you truly acknowledged your brilliance? It’s not something that’s often encouraged in this world and it’s that lack of acknowledging our brilliance that’s ultimately adding to the destruction of life on the planet.

Bold words. Yet so true.

It’s all very well playing the victim and playing the “useless person” who clings desperately to appearing impotent and talentless.  How is that helping to create more kindness, sustainable life, less stress, and greater collaboration in the world?

What could we change in the world, and what change could we BE for the world,  if we would acknowledge how awesomely brilliant we truly are? The world is asking for us to stop playing small and insignificant.

What if now IS the time to dig up our brilliance from the deep hole we’ve buried it in and shine it out without apology or justification? Are you willing to be that bold? Are you willing to embrace your brilliance?

Alun Jones is a Certified Coach, and Facilitator of Awesomeness! He has been coaching and facilitating since 1992 drawing upon a diverse and wonderful range of tools, questions, and techniques to empower people to embrace their awesomeness. He has one-to-one sessions with clients from all around the world helping them to create the life they desire. He is also an Access Consciousness® Bars Facilitator where he both facilitates Bars classes and offers bars sessions.

Alun has two main priorities for his life: to create a world where kindness prevails and judgment is obsolete; and to have fun in the process. Simple. Straightforward. And totally world-changing. Alun invites you to create a world where everyone is kind to themselves and each other, and where judgment is totally irrelevant and obsolete.

Along with Tamara Younker, Alun also hosts a weekly radio show called The Playground Of Possibilities where they play, chat, explore, and get really curious about what else is possible when it comes to creating and having a life of fun. ~