Are You Feeling Drained, Fried Brained and Body in Pain?

Are You Feeling Drained, Fried Brained and Body in Pain?

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January 12, 2015 by 21 Grams of Soul

21 Grams of Soul with Lynda Walsh

Join Lynda Walsh,  Radio Host, Master Hypnotist and Concierge Coach along with Lesa Mullins, Reiki Master, Holistic Life Coach and Bars Facilitator

As they bring you a way to  Renew, Relax and Recharge, even if you are stressed to the max.

We start you out with a Reiki Infused Meditation.

We then unwind all those spaces and places where you have tightened up and impeded your flow of universal energy. It isn’t that the flows not there, it’s that we have restricted it so much that we may have blocked it .

We explore and open you up to the ideas of universal energy and knowing, really knowing that this energy is real, available to us and we have a connection to it. And it’s not some woo ,woo idea that only certain people think about. This energy is the promise of our lives.

Some wise men and women have said this is where we come from and as we allow ourselves to relax back into this energy; we open up into a flow that is amazing. It’s for everyone who is willing to receive. The Biblical saying “Ask and it is given” comes into play because it simply means allow the sweet spot of who you are in. Now isn’t that nice to know that Reiki can assist you in opening up to your own sweet spot. If you are experiencing fatigue, pain or an emotional situation join us for this excellent connection and conversation to allow the divinely guided energy of Reiki to flow where it is most needed by you.

Our Guest Lesa Mullins -Reiki Master is also providing a free mp3 download of the ‘Reiki Meditation” valued at $29.00. Lesa is also available to answer any questions and will be offering you divine discounts on Reiki distance healing, or if you are in the Jacksonville, FL area you are welcome to come by her office. Come cut through the tightened, restricted places and feel the flow that only you can know, because it belongs to you . 


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