Are You a Twinkle or a Super Nova?

Are You a Twinkle or a Super Nova?

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May 27, 2015 by Clumsy Girls Guide to Greatness

Clumsy Girl’s Guide to Greatness Radio Show with Carol Glover 

When you hear the words “stepping up” or “stepping out” or even “change the world” what images come to you? The world stage? Thousands of people attending your programs? A super nova that blasts people’s limitations out of existence? Is it any wonder you’re not doing it?

What if it was just as okay for you to not go on a world tour, or to have a team of support staff to manage your schedule? What if being a brilliant Barista in a tiny coffee shop is what it takes to change the world? Imagine if you could be the quiet, gentle, gifted healer you be, and still change the world! What if twinkling little stars are required too?

And what if changing the world didn’t really mean changing the world but creating your world the way you know a reality can exist? What if by each of us doing that, will change the world? Now would you be willing to step up and shine?

Join Carol this week as we explore the many faces “stepping out” can wear and how not one of them is wrong!