Answer The Tech Call ~ Cherie Nova

Answer The Tech Call ~ Cherie Nova

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October 26, 2020 by Millennial Masters of the Universe

Millennial Masters Of The Universe 

Greg Buetler heard the call to leave his engineering career and teach kids how to code. Learn how he heard the call and listened to call. Will you answer the tech call?

Greg Beutler , B.S.E.E. is currently a High school Computer Science teacher in Oakland. He has developed a 3 year progression for his school. He moved from Tech to follow his heart and to teach kids how to code.

He has led the Positive growth and development of children in the After School program by Enriching developmental and academic needs by providing an engaging Science Technology, Engineering and Math ( STEM) enrichment experience.
•Mr Beutler actively creates an environment that promotes inclusion, diversity and belonging through meaningful planning, community collaborations and on-going training and development.

Through his company has taught over 2200 kids and teachers how to code in the last 7 years.


~ More About Millennial Masters Of The Universe ~ 

Cherie Nova is a Visionary Coach, who will show you your untapped capacities to create change in your life and the world at large. When she is not working with a client or watching sci fi, she creates YouTube videos, podcasts, and has fun being a Radio Personality.

She is a science fiction enthusiast who see’s sci fi as a gateway to possibilities and acknowledges our ability to choose our future. She invites humanity to imagine the impossible and consciously choose our greatest future.

She uses her voice as a force for relaxation and healing through her meditations, her books, and her radio shows.

She firmly believes that we have the ability to shape and set the course for our own individual future and the course for our planet as whole. Her warm and nurturing presence invites her clients into a new space allowing them to see things from a new perspective.

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