Animals and Ghosts…Animals as Ghosts… What do they know?

Animals and Ghosts…Animals as Ghosts… What do they know?

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February 26, 2014 by Talk to the Entities® with Cara and Bret

What if the connection you have with your animal could transcend death?

Do you ever get the feeling that a pet that has passed away still roams your home?

Have you ever had multiple pets over time that you would swear were the same being?

Have you ever noticed that your pets are aware of things you can’t see and are not aware of? What if they are more willing to be aware of entities than you are?

Ever wonder why for centuries even til the present cats were considered familiars? What do cats really know of entities?

What are animals points of view about death and the spirit world?

We are super excited to have our lovely guest Jenn Possick, fellow TTTE facilitator, on with us this week. She has a keen sense of awareness with this subject and will be contributing to our fun exploration of what our animals know of ghosts…and more….

What ways can you develop and deepen the ways in which you interact with your animals and the animals of the world to create more ease, awareness, and knowing about this wacky world of entities??