Ahhhh…Pure Pleasure! Guest Milica Jelenic

Ahhhh…Pure Pleasure! Guest Milica Jelenic

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February 26, 2016 by Bringing The Sexy! with Carol Reinlie

Bringing the Sexy! with Carol Reinlie Radio Show

What is your pleasure? Is that a question you are asked often? Do you constantly ask yourself what you desire? Do you even know what your pleasures are? Have you gotten away from a life of pure pleasure and joy? What if pleasure and joy can change everything? Join Carol and Milica Jelenic as they dive into pure pleasure – in life, business, sex…you name it!

Milica Jelenic’s interest in the healing arts and all things metaphysical began at a very young age. Her talents and capacities were encouraged by her mother who brought her to several different teachers throughout her life. After receiving her BA in Psychology in 1997, she continued to dive into healing arts. She is a Mitzvah Technique Teacher, Certified Bars Facilitator, Certified Body Process Facilitator, Symphony Session Practitioner, Radionis Operator, Certified Health Technician and Reiki Master. Milica is also a radio show host of the show The Pleasure Zone on a2zen.fm.

Carol Reinlie is a business intuitive, marketing consultant, coach, best selling author and speaker who is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and individuals expand their lives and businesses. She works one-on-one and via her group coaching programs to expand all possibilities. Carol loves to add some laughs and insight into everyone’s day.

Find Milica at – http://bustopenyourpsychicself.weebly.com    http://www.milicajelenic.com/

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