Adventure of Living ~ Super Scoop of Consciousness

Adventure of Living ~ Super Scoop of Consciousness

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September 19, 2016 by Super Scoop of Consciousness

What if life, living and business was an adventure?

What if life and living could be fun? What if the joy of living adds to your business?

Tune in for tips on how create your living and business as an adventure, allowing yourself more fun & freedom.

Are you a Super Star of Magnitude? A Consciousness Extraordinaire?  What if every wrongness, every judgment of you is actually a strongness?  What is this Magnanimous Universe gifting to you that you haven’t been willing to receive?? Are you using your gifts of awareness for you or against you?  We INVITE you to explore in sharing tips and tools about fully & joyfully living while having FUN doing it!  Is now the time to BE the SUPER YOU??
Join your hosts Cathleen Connor, Kim Malama Lucien and Trina Rice to explore the Infinite Possibilities of the Universe!