A New Year for a New You ~ Guest Becky Herdt

A New Year for a New You ~ Guest Becky Herdt

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December 28, 2016 by Ask Susan Now

Ask Susan Now ~ Susan Lazar Hart Radio Show

Join Susan and her special guest Becky Herdt, for her farewell show.

 Questions? Now is the time.

Are you tried of people giving you advice as though repurposing your past or learning from their experience would give you some big aha moment?   What if discovering you and your awareness of what you truly know are the real AHA moments you have been asking for?   Ask a question and you empower yourself with what you have become aware of for a life time.  Look for an answer and you end with someone else’s point of view.

How’s that working for you?  How many questions do you have that you were never allowed to ask? Is now the time?