A New Possibility with Teens!

A New Possibility with Teens!

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June 1, 2015 by Teens Done Different

What if EVERY day, as – and with – a teenager could be the best day yet? Filled with choice – happiness – EASE? Could choosing something different from the “norm” create a shift and change towards that? Would you be willing to be that difference – even if it’s weird? Uncomfortable? Seemingly impossible?

Meet the teen-mom team of Christy Perkins and Julie Oreson Perkins as they share the story of how they got started on their quest for new possibilities for teens and everyone in their lives: parents, other family members, educators and more. Get ready to listen, laugh, tap into your awareness AND experience their adventures in teen-dom.

Is now the time for a different possibility for – and with – the world’s courageous and talented teens?


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