A Different Possibility with Family; Guests ~ Julie and Christy Perkins

A Different Possibility with Family; Guests ~ Julie and Christy Perkins

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November 16, 2015 by Creating Beyond Reality! with Heather Nichols
Family can be a not-so-fun area of life for so many people, and for so many reasons, and with the holidays that is often amplified!  You may be spending more time with family you’d prefer not to be with, or missing family, wishing you had a family, or just wondering what it would take to have ease in this area.  What if this reality’s version of ‘family’ is inherently not easeful for people because of all the expectations and projections that come along with it?  What if there was a totally different possibility with family that includes allowance, honoring, gratitude, vulnerability, and trust?  What if you could have no judgment of your family even if they judge you? Would you be willing to have a different possibility with family regardless of whether your family chooses it or not?

Join Heather as she interviews Julie Perkins and her 14 year old daughter, Christy Perkins on the difference they have created with and in their family.

Christy Perkins is an Artist, Creative Writer, Musician and Singer/Songwriter who loves to play all kinds of stringed instruments including ukulele, all kinds of guitars (bass, electric, acoustic, classical), piano and keyboards plus some percussion. She facilitates teens struggling to be who they truly are, especially those who are self-destructive, addictive or just plain lost. Is now the time for something different?

Julie Oreson Perkins is a Certified Life Coach, specializing in Mind, Body and Soul well-BEing. Hundreds have benefitted from her “conversations of change” that result in a (re)birth of natural, intuitive abilities and zest for life on the planet here and now. You’ll find her most at peace out in Nature, where she takes clients to show them different perspectives, possibilities and choices. If you could change ANYTHING in YOUR life, what would it be?

Julie and Christy also use the tools of Access Consciousness in their work, empowering people to choose more for themselves and change their lives.

You can listen to Julie and Christy on their show – Teens Done Different – here http://somolite.com/author/teens-done-different/


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