22nd Century Consciousness ~Sharon Lewis & Tara Kanerva

22nd Century Consciousness ~Sharon Lewis & Tara Kanerva

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June 20, 2018 by 22nd Century Consciousness

Igniting 22nd Century Consciousness Through Hub of Change ~ Sharon Lewis & Tara Kanerv

Evolution of Consciousness Coaching with Sharon & Tara
Three call, Four Stage coaching package which includes.

1. Three 45 minute coaching calls with Sharon, Tara or a best-fit combination of the two of us using our combined skills of over 20 years of coaching experience in Leadership development, consciousness development, Neuro-Linguistic programming, Neuro Leadership and Emotional intelligence.

All Grounded in the following two interpreted Assessments and aligned with our clients personal goals and challenges:

2. Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory with interpretation:
Provides insight into unconsciously held life perspectives that may be limiting your stage of consciousness, development and access to ease and joy in your life. Provides key entry points for powerful, healing coaching interventions.

3. Personal Values Assessment: With Interpretation and Report.
Provides insight and clarity into currently and sometimes unconsciously held value-memes which point accurately to current stage of consciousness, limiting beliefs, and paths forward for development.

4. Pre-reading and Coaching Intake Prework package to make the most powerful use of your coaching time.

Hub of Change at www.questiam.com/hubofchange

TOTAL VALUE ~ $600 for $197 CAD

Yes! I want permanent access to Sharon & Tara’s package at the value price $600 ONLY $197

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Christine McIver, Possibilities Coach, TV & Radio Personality, works one-on-one with individuals around all areas of life where great joy is desired.  She also works with groups and organizations. http://www.inspiredchoices.ca/

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