22nd Century Consciousness ~ Rhonda Burns

22nd Century Consciousness ~ Rhonda Burns

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June 20, 2018 by 22nd Century Consciousness

22nd Century Consciousness Showcase Package from Coming Undone with the Tenacious Minx ~ Rhonda Burns

Rhonda Burns


SCIENTIFIC HAND ANALYSIS (SHA) Reading and Review Session – (Value: $197 USD)**If you already had your prints analyzed and you don’t want to repeat, you may exchange this part of the package for 1 additional coaching session, 45 minutes in length.**

[Delivered via mail kit, written email report and phone review session with recording.]
This is a systematic, repeatable, non-predictive reading. Hundreds of thousands of hands have been analyzed with this data and the results are 99.9% accurate. ~
Are you ready to discover Your LIFE PURPOSE and finally uncover what’s been holding you back from achieving it?

21 Days to Eliminating, Eradicating & Thriving Beyond Barriers – (Value: $150 USD)
[Delivered digitally for download to your device.]

This is a previously facilitated class. Its 21 days of facilitation to help you live and thrive without walls, barriers or imprisoning self-protective armor. The majority of the world is functioning in their daily lives behind the “safe”, confined spaces of unseen and unacknowledged WALLS.

The main dilemma with these invisible walls and barriers is that they aren’t just keeping others “out”, the erected nature of these are creating a PRISON in which you are locking yourself “in” and you can’t access all of you, much less express yourself fully, wholly or for sustained periods.

When we function without barriers and walls, we become the gift, the expression and the inspiration for a greater, kinder, more vibrant and robust planet. The earth receives more from us and the energetic frequency of the planet increases, allowing change and transformation to become the consistent resource for creation of something more extraordinary.

Our ability to not just find the words to ASK for what we want and desire, but to be VULNERABLE to the possibilities of everything conspiring to support us and to be able to RECEIVE in totality, without reason, justification or judgment is what happens when we find and obliterate our hidden barriers and walls. With barriers still in place, your ability to create, generate and receive a life overflowing with prosperity, abundance and joy is diminished greatly.

When we function without barriers, we get off of the repetitively occurring hamster wheel of un-expressed emotions, un-acknowledged dreams and desires and we stop creating “groundhog” days for ourselves with those repeating subjects that keep us locked up, imprisoned and in stasis of a less than thriving life. 3

1, 30-minute Private Freedom Coaching Session – (Value: $125 USD)
[Delivered via phone or video Zoom session. Recording available for download after the session.]

Rhonda has the innate capacity and ability to get to the root of many matters quickly by working with the energy of what’s below the surface. She utilizes her intuitive abilities and many philosophies, modalities and bodies of work to assist her clients shift quickly and reclaim their undeniable natural potency, pleasure and exuberance.

TOTAL VALUE of PACKAGE ~ $472 USD ~ $147 USD (68% Savings)

To take advantage of this generous and special offer, please make your payment via PayPal by clicking https://goo.gl/SJk226.

Once payment is received, Rhonda will contact you to arrange your hand print kit to be mailed, and you will receive instructions on how to download your recording, as well as to how to schedule your private coaching session. Any questions may be directed to Rhonda at rhonda@rhonda-burns.com.
To visit Rhonda on her website to learn more & explore, please visit https://tenaciousminx.com

CHECK OUT: https://goo.gl/SJk226.

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