22nd Century Consciousness ~ Elfy Jo’s

22nd Century Consciousness ~ Elfy Jo’s

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June 20, 2018 by 22nd Century Consciousness

Igniting 22nd Century Consciousness Through Musical Magic ~ Elfy Jo

Elfy Jo

1. Joy Coaching Sessions
Normal Price $155 per session

Learn how to Activate Joy in your Daily Life.

2. Musical Healing Sessions
Normal Price $188 per session

Elfy Jo will tap into your body and spirit to facilitate healing on a molecular level

3. Music Coaching or Education Classes
Normal price $188 per class

These online music classes are available to all musicians. Elfy Jo will help you to overcome technical difficulties and blocks that are keeping you from embodying the joy of creating music.
These classes are also highly recommend if you are having difficulties expressing yourself in different music styles.

For the showcase I’m offering 3 private sessions of YOUR CHOICE, in ANY COMBINATION you’d like for the special showcase price of $197.

As a gift you will also receive a recording of “Musical Healing”, a call that I did on how to receive from music. Live music is included in the recording and the value is $33

All prices are in USD.
You can contact me through elfyjo.magic@gmail.com
TOTAL VALUE $369.00 for only $197.00 USD

Yes! I want permanent access to Elfy’s package at the value price $369 ONLY $197


Christine McIver, Possibilities Coach, TV & Radio Personality, works one-on-one with individuals around all areas of life where great joy is desired.  She also works with groups and organizations. http://www.inspiredchoices.ca/

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