“Wrong All Along?” ~ Rhonda Burns

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“Wrong All Along?”

I hate to break it to you, Gorgeous, but the following message is long overdue, so please, take a seat. You might need it. Ok, take a deep breath. You ready?

Most of us have been “doing it all wrong”.

“Doing WHAT wrong?”

This might be a bitter pill to swallow, but I assure you, once you are able to grasp this and choose something different, your life can be so much greater and so much more enjoyable than you might even imagine possible.

The mass majority of us have been going about life all wrong. We’ve ignored our desires and have made them inconsequential and unimportant. Sure, we do the best we can with what we’ve got, what we’ve created and what we’ve been taught. But how many of us actually had modeling and belief systems shown to us that allowed us to thrive with ease, effortlessness, enjoyment and satisfying results – on a REGULAR and CONSISTENT basis, based on our innate desires?

Speaking for myself and thousands of women I’ve worked with over the years, I can tell you, we’re tired, we’re run down and we’re done doing it all the ways we’ve done life that have left us lacking true satiation and satisfaction. We’re craving things at a soul level that we almost can’t find the light switch for anymore. Yet, it’s those soul-deep desires and dreams that are the rocket fuel that we all have embedded in us to actually catalyze everything in life we say we truly want.  And then some.

So what is it that has us, especially as women, turning away from and tuning out those deeply resonant desires and dreams?


Outdated belief systems put in place in a different time and space, for different reasons, and that are now truly detrimental to our evolution as spiritual beings here on our human adventure in embodied physical form.

But don’t despair. This isn’t meant to upset you. It’s meant to stir you. To awaken and speak to those parts of you that you may have long neglected, avoided or denied. Here’s what I’d like you to really hear:  the parts of you you’ve denied or made wrong;  the mere fact that they are within you –including all your hopes, wishes, dreams and desires, hungering for the light of day; is your proof that that they are valid. They are potential waiting to be cultivated and they are not wrong. You are not wrong. You’ve never been wrong – ever, and neither have your desires. So what do we do about it? How do we ignite and stoke the dormant flame again?

As I invite all my encounters with clients to do, please set all your “Yeah, but’s!” to the side for now. Read this and pour over it with fresh, wondrous curiosity and allow yourself to really feel what’s going on within you as you do. These aren’t mental concepts. These are physical, visceral emotions and feelings we need to feel, to get in touch with, in order to honor the divine wisdom in them for us. Each of us has unique, individual wants, wishes and needs and no one else can tell you what yours are, any more than you can tell them what theirs are. Not that any of us need it, but sometimes when someone gives us “permission” to explore, we are more willing to allow ourselves to really go there. This is that invitation and acknowledgement. Are you willing?

Here’s what I’d encourage you to play with – “play” being the optimum word.

Let this be ease, light, filled with curious wonder, exploration and not something on your ‘to do’ list.

◊ Make the choice that you are ready to begin, or continue the exploration into what you truly desire to have, be and create in your life – in any and all areas of it.

◊ Commit to taking the time each and every day to be still (at least 10 minutes), with your thoughts, feelings and emotions as you begin to explore the following questions.

◊ Grab a journal; settle into some place quiet and comfortable that you can feel safe to let yourself go within without interruption. This means turn away from all distractions.

◊ Start to chill out. Just breathe. 3-4 counts in through your nose, hold for a count or two, and then release through your nose 4-5 counts. Just begin to allow yourself to relax deeply, slowly, focusing on your breath. Let your belly rise and fall with the inhale/exhale. Be willing to close your eyes. This helps us focus in, as opposed to our surroundings.

◊ Once you’ve started to relax, allowing your shoulders and jaw to soften, put your hand comfortably on your solar plexus (the upper part of your abdomen). Then begin to ask the following questions of you and simply let them come up in their time. Usually, the instant thought is the one you repress or distract away from, but is the one for you to play with and follow for more clarity.

♦ Truth, if there were no other considerations, and no one else to have to manage, what would be the most fun for me to do, experience, create and have?

♦ Truth, what are my innermost desires I’ve not been willing to acknowledge for myself?

♦ What do these revelations mean to me?

♦ What do I think would happen if I allowed myself to follow these? If I don’t?

This is a fantastic starting place.

As you allow yourself the freedom to tap into this space within you and you simply jot down in your journal what you’re learning, you will find that you’ve tapped into the parts of you that had once been locked away. But now, there’s no possible way you’d want to lock it away again. The information within is too powerful, too important, and too potentially satisfying for you to ignore it. Here’s to beautiful exploration of you.

Rhonda Burns is a Pleasure Advocate and Conscious Embodiment Coach.  She teaches people how to talk about, address & evolve through taboo subject matter, so they can be free to live a turned-on, radically rich life. Knowing that bodies, sex & pleasure are three of our greatest creative allies, she tirelessly and lovingly invites people to tap into theirs and utilize them for outrageously abundant and prosperous living. Please visit Rhonda at her website, www.tenaciousminx.com or email her: rhonda@rhonda-burns.com.

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