Today, I was made wrong for BEING ME. ~ Rhonda Burns

Yep, for being me, for speaking my truth, in the kindest way possible mind you, I was still called “mean”.  I don’t know this individual personally, but my awareness was that what this person desired from me was something that would not work for me (I’ve chosen to now NOT go against my gut since that’s the only time I truly create crap in my life). So, when I politely and again, very kindly said the words, “I so appreciate your time, your kind words and your interest. I’m just looking for something different. Have fun out there and create a phenomenal life! Thank you. :-)” – I was judged, and had ALL the projections of this person’s perceived rejection hurled at me with the intensity of a rocket grenade. Not that I’ve ever experienced that actually, but let’s just say the energy was intense!

In a former space and place within myself, I would have made myself terribly wrong because someone else was making me wrong. Is that actually a kindness to me? If I’m being authentically and genuinely me, congruent with what’s true for me, could I ever be “wrong”? NO!  And in that former place and space, I would have tried to make them wrong for making me wrong. That’s called reaction. How kind is that? Not at all!

Instead, when I read the words, I perceived all the heavy, contracted, dense and murky stuff in my body and in my universe, but I didn’t react. I didn’t resist. I didn’t shut down, or hide. I didn’t judge it. I RECEIVED IT. I sat with it. I breathed deeply through it. I sensed everywhere it was sticking me in my body. I asked “what is this?” to gain the awareness. And then I kindly returned it all to the sender with consciousness attached because I KNEW that “stuff” wasn’t mine!

I was just receiving the judgment emanating from that person’s world. You know what? Judgment isn’t real. It doesn’t kill us. It actually only has power over us if we allow it to be greater than ourselves. I’m also very aware of just how much this person desired me to be in their universe because of what I could contribute to them. What tends to be the natural reaction for people from the space of perceived rejection? The learned habit and tendency of most folks on the planet when they don’t get what they desire, or they feel rejected, slighted, maligned or mistreated is to lash out and make others’ wrong.

What would I like for you to receive from this message today? It is this: that YOU BEING YOU COULD NEVER BE WRONG – EVER. People’s perceptions are just that – their perceptions. How they receive what they receive and what they choose to do with it is THEIRS- not yours! It’s not your job to make other people happy. It’s especially not your job to make other people happy at your own expense. There may always be haters. There may always be skeptics. There may always be those here to ensure they attempt to keep you down and small/finite, so they can feel better about themselves. Does that really work for you? If not, would you be willing to BE YOU, speak what’s real and true for you with kindness, and agree to never limit your potency (power) or capacities ever again – regardless of where you are or who you are with?

I wonder what the world might be like in 5, 10, 50 or 100 years if we chose to start functioning NOW from the authentic space of our being-ness? I wonder how many constructs, labels, judgments, conclusions, decisions, computations, structures, facades and fabrications we could destroy and disassemble if each of us knew ourselves intimately? And subsequently, if we chose to function from the space of vulnerability and intimacy with the entire planet, without ever having to divorce ourselves from us again? How much more expansiveness, ease, lightness, playfulness, happiness and down-right joy might the world be then? I don’t know about you, but I choose all that. But most of all, I choose me. Because me, being me could never be wrong – EVER.

Here’s to you being more of you. Always.


Rhonda Burns, CFMW

Life-changing Creation Coach. Best-Selling Author. International Facilitator. Radio Show Host.



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