More Space Please and Where is My Suitcase? ~ Laleh Alemzadeh – Hancock

Joy of Living with Laleh

I was returning from Venice Italy on Monday, March 30th. The day had started early as we had to get to the water taxi at 7am. If you have never visited Venice, it is a beautiful and small island. When you get to the airport, you actually have to take a water taxi (private transportation) or a water bus (public transportation) to get to Venice. I arrived at the airport and apart from a bit of a rush to catch a connecting flight, things went well.

I sat at 28G which was an aisle seat in the middle of the plane. There was a gentleman and his girlfriend sitting to my left and two other people next to them. The physical space was small and he had his leg on my side of the leg area. I was doing my breathing and expanding so that I could have more energetic space, but I was not comfortable. I kept asking, “What is it going to take for me to fly to Dulles with total ease and more space?”

For many people, this would have been a moment when they resigned to misery, and decided that they had no choice but to “suffer.” I kept asking questions about how I could have the space I truly desired!

The doors were finally closed and we were getting ready for take-off. A few minutes later, the flight attendant made an announcement. Welcome to our new Lufthansa plane. We have a special offer, we two seats in Economy plus available if anyone is interested to upgrade.”

I immediately pushed the call button and told the flight attendant, “I would like to move please.”

For the marvelous price of only 299 Euros, I was able to upgrade to a seat the size of a US First Class, with marvelous service, a window seat and a very nice man side me. The service was marvelous, the TV was larger and and it was overall, a much more pleasant place to relax!

In the past I would have not desired to pay more money, but I asked “If I choose this, what will my life and body be like in 5 years and if I do not choose this what will my life and body be like in 5 years. “ I love this question from Gary Douglas, I use it for everything. It was so much lighter to choose it and I was so glad that I did. My body was also very glad I chose it. Sitting in a tight space for more than 8 hours is not really kindness for my body.!

We landed at Dulles with total ease, and I got on the transport, and quickly went through customs! It was all so smooth and wonderful, that I forgot one tiny little important thing: My suitcase!

I got all the way through to the pick up area when I realized that I had not claimed my suitcase! I went back to try to get it and was told by TSA that I was not allowed back in! I didn’t panic, however, and I simply used another tool from Gary Douglas and Access Consciousness, which is the question, “What is right about this I’m not getting?”

I also asked, “What would it make for me to get my suitcase with total ease?”

I enlisted the help of the United Airlines agent, who went in to try to find my suitcase. Unfortunately, she was unable to stay and wait for the length of time it was going to make for all of the suitcases to be unloaded. She was not allowed.

Again, instead of getting upset, (all of the lovely gifts and souvenirs I’d bought for my family were in that bag!) I continued to ask questions about how it could get better, easier, and more fun.

I was amazed at how calm I was about the whole thing! It was as if the suitcase was telling me, “I am okay, I will see you soon.”

Finally, the only way to get my suitcase back was to file a report and have it delivered to me. While I would have much rather had it with me when I left the airport, I stayed in the energy that it was all going to be fine.

I arrived home and it was soon after 9pm with no sign of my suitcase. My husband looked online, and there was no status available on the location of my suitcase. AT that point, I chose to go to sleep, as I had been awake for more than 24 hours!

I woke up the next day and checked on the United Airlines website. It said that my suitcase was in route and would be delivered to my house. I was desiring more details on actual time so I called United Airlines. The representative was unable to assist me as the flight was with Lufthansa, their global partner. I looked on the Lufthansa site and it really did not have any further information.

So, I decided to talk to my suitcase instead. I said “Hi suitcase, where are you? I am ready to have you home now.” Again, I had this knowing that the suitcase was fine and we would be reunited shortly!

A couple of hours later, my suitcase was delivered to my front door! The delivery people did not ring the doorbell, they just left it. It was almost like it had traveled all by itself! I was so excited to see my suitcase and all the fun gifts that I had bought for my husband, my mom, my sisters, and for my twins’ birthdays, not to mention all of my clothes, that I had worn in Venice!

I wonder what other kinds of situations that we tend to label as “troublesome, or problems” we can maneuver with total ease in our life that in the past we would have gotten stressed or worried about? The whole time, I had a knowing that the suitcase was fine.

I wonder what else I knew when I walked out of customs area without the thought of picking up my suitcase? I could have gotten mad at myself for forgetting it but what would that have solved? Instead, I had the knowing that I did not need to pick up my suitcase.

I have learned that this is all information from the universe, and when I am willing to acknowledge my awareness, I create more ease even things happen differently than I ever thought possible!

Are you willing to ask questions to create more ease and fun in your reality every day?

By Joy of Living with Laleh