Corn Dogs, Hockey Pucks and Stealing Joy – Oh My! ~ Rhonda Burns

Potency Is My Game Radio Show

Several years ago, I attended a local NHL – “Go STARS!” – game with friends and was thrilled to be seated near the glass, just 4 rows behind the home team’s bench. The arena was crisp and cool, and the ice slick with water after the Zamboni made its final sweep. We were so close, I could see the sweat dripping off the rugged player’s faces and could hear their colorful bench banter. It was awesome! The energy was electric. Not wanting to miss too much, my girlfriend and I went to grab a bite to eat as soon as the game started, since we arrived a bit late to the venue.

As we headed back down the stairs from the concession stands toward our seats, I was walking with a hot, steamy corn dog in my hand. Watching the action on the ice, managing the stairs slowly, I saw the just-slapped-puck leave the ice, traveling upward. I thought to myself, “That puck is coming this way.” In a matter of seconds, I found myself continuing down the stairs, following the trajectory of the puck, while automatically transitioning the corn dog from my right hand to my left. I reached up with my right arm, slightly bending over to the side and cupping my hand. I immediately felt the frozen hockey puck land effortlessly inside it.

The people seated around me erupted. I was elated! “WOW, I caught a puck; at an NHL game-no doubt; one-handed; I can’t believe this!” were the thoughts going through my head. And then, in a flash, the reality set in for me. As I walked the rest of the way to my seat, attempting to appear composed and together, pushing my shoulders back, with the corn dog in my left hand and the newly caught puck in my right, I sat down next to my husband and asked, “Was I on the Jumbo-tron with a corn dog in my hand?” His response wounded me, “Yes.”

For those of you who’ve struggled with body image issues, can you relate? The countless secret and not so secret judgments we’ve hurled at our bodies for years that keep us narrowly transfixed. In that moment of sheer awe, joy, elation and absolute exuberance at the accomplishment, I allowed my disdain for the size and shape of my body to take it all away. POOF! I was too concerned about being “fat”, rather than the amazing thing I’d just been through, that most people will never get to experience, no matter how hard they try.

Having been “large” since birth (almost 10 pounds straight out of the womb), I lived with the litany of judgments over the years, as well as feeling inferior as a woman for not fitting the traditional molds we see everywhere. There seemed, and often still seems to be, no “safe place” for us to look. If a person has no refuge, how are we supposed to manage, much less thrive?

Thankfully, I finally chose the first and best thing I could change about me; my attitude, my mindset and my way of being with my body. Rather than seeing her as an enemy to dominate and control, I found ways to create dialogue and communication with her. My body has more wisdom and information for me than I was ever willing to know. May seem weird, wacky and maybe even a bit woo, but what I know now is that this “way” works a whole heck of a lot better than any other “way”.

Yes, I do have days that are more successful than others. I do still have days that I judge my body in some way; perhaps her size or shape, or the way something jiggles. When I find myself doing so, I am able to catch it more quickly because it doesn’t actually feel good to judge me. And feeling good, happy and non-stressed is vital to me. With the help of many fantastic teachers, facilitators and mentors, I’ve learned some amazing tools, techniques and processes to identify what I’m actually creating and choosing, and to actually be able to change what isn’t working – often times instantly! Now we work in harmony and in partnership to create a life we both get to enjoy; including corn dogs when the mood strikes. Would you be willing to change anywhere you allow anything to steal your joy; including you? What if the change could be fun and easy?

If you’d like to learn or know some of the tools, tips and techniques I’ve learned, as well as teach & coach others, to truly create a life, living and a body that I truly appreciate, enjoy and that provides me immense satisfaction, please contact me in one of the following ways: Rhonda Burns, Life-changing Creation Coach. Best-selling author. International facilitator. Radio show host. Web: Email: Office: (972) 420-4530.

In the meantime, you can begin to play with the following to get started:

  1. Start to notice how you speak to your body/about yourself. Look, listen & feel.
  2. Acknowledge whatever it is that you’re saying, how you’re saying it, what’s bringing it up.
  3. If it feels good, keep doing it. If it doesn’t, allow yourself permission to say, “Ok, that doesn’t actually feel good, so I’m choosing to stop this, now.” (Once you actually acknowledge something, bring light to it, and then it can actually change.)
  4. Thank your body for putting up with you, for keeping you going, and for being your partner, no matter how unkind you may have been to it.
  5. Stop judging you, your body, the way you speak to it, the things you think, etc. Catch yourself going down that road and think or whisper to yourself, “STOP!” If you’re alone, saying it out loud works too!