Blind Faith: Life’s Lottery

This article is inspired by the Unchained with Becky Show Blind Faith – Is it stopping you?

There’s a big difference between trust and blind faith. Trust is an inner knowing whereas blind faith has the energy of hope to it. Blind faith in ourselves sounds like “I’ll get it right one day and everything will be okay.” Blind faith in someone else sounds like “Eventually they’ll do what I want them to do.” Trust, or knowing, sounds more like “I know I will make this happen” or “I know that person will act this way so I will adjust accordingly.”

Do you operate from Trust or Blind Faith?

Some tell-tale signs that you’re operating from blind faith are:

– You are expecting that thing – or lifestyle – to come to you.

– You already know precisely what your desired outcome looks like.

– You expect things will change without your input.

– You often find yourself starting sentences with “if only.” For example, if only “X” would have happened I would have “Y.”

– You are often (always) dissatisfied with the way things turn out.

Blind faith is expecting life to come to us rather than driving us to create our lives. That’s why I call it Life’s Lottery.

Do you know the story of the man on the roof during a flood waiting for God to save him? In short it goes like this: A boat comes by to pick him up and he refuses. Then a helicopter comes by to save him and he refuses. Then he gets to heaven and expresses his disappointment to God that he did not come to the rescue. God’s response is, “I sent you a boat and I sent you a helicopter.”

That’s the trouble with blind faith: we fail to notice the breadcrumbs that the Universe drops to lead us where we wish to go. We don’t see our opportunities to go meet that life!

Imagine what your life be like if you took the actions you know are required, followed the breadcrumbs of inspiration, and went to meet your desired life?

Is it possible that those wishes could come true with greater speed? Is it possible that things may not turn out as you expected? Yes and Yes! Wouldn’t you rather be involved with your creations than throwing the dice to see what might come to you? Either way I bet it won’t look like you expect it to! No matter what happens, you’ll be much richer for the experience if you’re involved in it.

How do you move beyond blind faith?

Trust YOU! This might take some practice – so practice! Begin with knowing that you know and that the breadcrumbs of awareness will be revealed to show you the way. HINT: you will likely be shown steps rather than the whole map. When you are shown a step, take it. Even if it doesn’t work out the way you’d hoped, you’ll have more information for making the next step. It’s a little like playing the lottery with numbers you’ve chosen and only winning a free play. You still won!

Following your knowing, begins to build self-integrity and honoring. There will quickly come a day when blind faith outcomes turns to memories and you will have confidence in yourself. Over time your sentences will change from “if only” to “I did.” That’s the lottery I’d rather play in!

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Written by Carol Glover.