Benevolent Leadership ~ Corinna Stoeffl

Corinna Stoeffl

Benevolent Leadership ~ Corinna Stoeffl

What does benevolent leadership mean? The original meaning of the word benevolent comes from the Latin ‘bene’ and ‘volent’ which together mean “wishing well for all”. In other words it is about being willing to be aware of what one’s actions create for everyone. We can be benevolent leaders in our personal lives as well as in our relationships and family. We can choose to be benevolent leaders in any other area of life, be it at work or in our various communities.

Characteristics of a benevolent leader:
A benevolent leader is aware of what is going on around them and recognizes that they are the creator of everything in their lives.
A benevolent leader asks what it will take to create more in the world and for everybody, not just themselves.
A benevolent leader is pragmatic, has generosity of spirit and looks at the futures that can be created.
A benevolent leader functions from awareness, not from conclusion to create a sustainable future for the planet and the people.

The last two points require the ability to step outside of contextual reality. What does that mean? We look for the reasons why something is happening which puts it into the context of what we call reality. We all have the ability to step outside of it. We all have the ability for awareness. Awareness is more than intuition; it is constant. It requires conscious choice. We have been entrained to contextual reality where we rely on our thoughts, feelings and emotions. What if there is something completely different to rely on: awareness?

Being a benevolent leader means becoming a catalyst for change. We begin to look at a different way of being in the world, both as an individual as well as a business in order to have sustainability. This means being willing to perceive where we will end up if we continue the way we have operated up to now and where we could be if we are willing to perceive and implement possibilities. One way to do this is to ask a question like: Where will my life / my family / the world / the planet be in 5 years if I choose this? And again with … don’t choose this. There is no way for us to have a cognitive answer to that question. We can sense, though, the energy that comes up when asking that question. Is that energy contractive, heavy or expansive, light? Choosing what is expansive will inevitably lead to creating more for all.

If you would like to learn more about benevolent leadership and contribute to change, I invite you to contact me. I am a coach who works both face to face and long distance, a photographer and author. My most recent book, “A Different World: Perceiving Possibilities”, is available through Amazon.Corinna Stoeffl, Certified Facilitator and a Being You Certified Facilitator with Access Consciousness

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