Musical Magic with Elfy Jo

Musical Magic with Elfy Jo


Do you enjoy music? Is music something you enjoy rocking to in your car or in the shower? Do you happen to play an instrument? Or are you wishing you played an instrument? Have you ever noticed that music can makes everything in your life better?Are you curious about how it can bring more ease, more joy and more possibilities in to your life, body and play?

On Musical Magic with Elfy Jo she explores the magic that music truly is and can be for you as well. Come play and enjoy a whole new world of possibilities.  AND have a whole lot fun while we are at it too!

Elfy also offers intuitive musical healing, as well as BARS sessions.

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April 18, 2018-To Perform or Not to Perform ~ Elfy Jo

Musical Magic with Elfy Jo Radio Show To perform or not to perform, that's the question! When you're about to perform and you feel something is a bit off it is time to get real and ask some questions. Who are you performing for? What does performing mean to you? Is this performance fun and generative for you? Join Elfy Jo this week for a deep dive into the inner workings of performing and putting...

April 11, 2018-Magical Connections ~ Guest Deb Brosnan

Musical Magic with Elfy Jo Radio Show What magical connections could you welcome in your life? What connections can animals open for you? What connections can music open for you? What other magical connections are available to play and create with? Join Deb Brosnan and Elfy Jo for an exploration of what is actually possible when you connect to all energies around you. Everyone and everything in this Universe is...

April 4, 2018-What’s Your Jam? ~ Elfy Jo

Musical Magic with Elfy Jo Radio Show What's your jam? Do you know how to use it for creation? What does your jam feel like to you? What does using your jam change for you? Can you feel it change your body? Can you feel it change the world? Come join Elfy Jo as she shares what her jam is and how she uses it for creating greater in this reality! ~ More about Musical Magic with Elfy Jo ~  Do you enjoy...

March 28, 2018-Magnificent Diversity ~ Guest Dave Huxtable

Musical Magic with Elfy Jo Radio Show In this show, we will talk about the magnificent diversity of humanity, the joy of human language and probably several other subjects that will bubble up as we get creating! Humor and anecdotes will be included for sure, all supporting our theme of magnificent diversity. It will be a wild ride with lots of fun, so tune into the Inspired Choices Network on March the 28th, or...

March 21, 2018-How To Do This Reality ~ Guest Dr. Sue Hegel DC

Musical Magic with Elfy Jo Radio Show When you know that you function in a way that is very different from "everybody else" life can become a bit tricky. In this show Dr. Sue DC and Elfy Jo offer tips and tricks on how to stay true to yourself in this reality. Dr. Sue and Elfy Jo will combine their magic to teach you how to do energy pulls for your body and desires. There will be three different energy pulls...

March 14, 2018-Wizards and more Teleportation ~ Guest Megan Sillito

Musical Magic with Elfy Jo Radio Show Last week's conversation about teleportation was cut short by the 3D timeline that this reality uses. Megan and Elfy have decided to continue the conversation about teleportation and all things magical this week in a brand new episode of Musical Magic with Elfy Jo. If you didn't catch the first show on teleportation yet you can catch it here:...

March 7, 2018-Teleportation, Magic and Stardust ~ Guest Megan Sillito

Musical Magic with Elfy Jo Radio Show Are you ready for a completely new conversation about teleportation, magic and stardust? Would you like to leave this reality behind for an hour? Yay! You came to the right place! This is a show has magic written all over it. What do you know about magic? What if teleportation is really possible in the near future? What if magic is simply our future reality? Join Elfy Jo...

February 28, 2018-Communicating with Your Audience ~ Elfy Jo

 Musical Magic with Elfy Jo Radio Show Aaah, communicating with your audience.... at times it is super easy, at times it is the hardest thing in this universe. On Musical Magic with Elfy Jo we're going to unravel the mysteries of communicating with your audience. We will take a look at a broad range of factors including body posture, energy management and mental strategies. Your audience could be your colleagues,...

February 21, 2018-Peak Mental Performance ~ Elfy Jo

Musical Magic with Elfy Jo Radio Show These days there are many discussions about living from and through your body. The brain is getting a pretty bad rap as it is being diminished to merely the place where the control freak and the ego live. In this show Elfy Jo looks at the great body and mind paradox. She will share her vision and give you some ideas how to use both your brain and body to create a joyful,...

February 14, 2018-Saxy Magic with Elfy Jo

Musical Magic with Elfy Jo Radio Show It's Saxy Music time on Valentine's Day!! How come so many people consider the saxophone to be such a sexy instrument? Is it the sound, the shape, the legacy or something else? In this show Elfy will guide you through a musical history of the saxophone and play for you live on the air. Be sure to check in to magic up your Valentine's Day! ~ More about Musical Magic with Elfy...