Dancing Your Life ~ Corinna Stoeffl

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I love to watch ravens dance on the wind, the stronger the wind, the more fun they seem to have. What if we danced our lives?

What do I mean with that?
How much fun and ease can we have in our lives?
How much intensity would we allow ourselves to experience?
How much elegance would we enjoy?
What could change if we were in communion with others, with animals and plants, with the earth?
What if nothing had significance?
It is not that I know all or have answers to any of those questions above. I am curious, I like to explore, I will even jump if necessary in order to find out. Would you like to join me on that exploration? On this journey, I will use the tools of Access Consciousness®, the conversations we have and my love of looking at something from all different angles (what I jokingly call mental gymnastics.)

I invite you to a lighthearted and fun exploration of all of life.





June 19, 2018-22nd Century Consciousness ~ Corinna’s Stoeffl

Igniting 22nd Century Consciousness Through Dancing Your Life ~ Corinna Stoeffl Corinna Stoeffl https://beinginawareness.com/ Becoming One With Money Participation in the live class (via Zoom): 5 sessions, Thursdays 6pm MDT, July 12, 19, 26, August 2, 9 (Recordings Available) Value: $197 Personal Coaching Sessions 2 ~ each 30 minutes. Value: $170 TOTAL VALUE $367.00 for only $97.00 USD Yes! I want...

June 18, 2018-Being in Allowance of Oneself ~ Corinna Stoeffl

Dancing Your Life ~ Corinna Stoeffl Radio Show What does it mean to be in allowance of oneself? Does it mean I can anything I want to? No, allowance is not a free pass for everything. First of all, it means not judging oneself. Allowance for oneself also means that I do not have the need to justify why I am choosing what I am choosing. It means, I no longer have the need to prove myself. I am good enough as I am....

June 11, 2018-Your Point of View Creates Your Reality ~ Corinna Stoeffl

Dancing Your Life ~ Corinna Stoeffl Radio Show Or does reality create your point of view? Which way is it? When I was pregnant, I saw so many more pregnant women and women with newborns in a stroller. I am told guys who really like a specific car tend to see that model everywhere. That would mean that your point of view creates your reality and that, if you change your point of view, your reality changes as a...

June 4, 2018-Getting Out Of Expectations And Conclusions ~ Corinna Stoeffl

Dancing Your Life ~ Corinna Stoeffl Radio Show We all know that having expectations sets us up for disappointments. The same is actually true for conclusions too. So what does it take to get out of having expectations and conclusions? What tools do we have? What about asking a question or being the question? What does that mean? Isn’t a conclusions or expectation a result of questioning? Let’s look at that in...

May 28, 2018-Problems Anyone? ~ Corinna Stoeffl

Dancing Your Life ~ Corinna Stoeffl Radio Show Do you have problems? We all have problems, right? What if there is a different way to look at problems? I have heard a friend say: “A problem is a possibility with a judgment attached.” How does that land in your space? What if there are no problems, just possibilities that we do not recognize or acknowledge? What might be the outcome of each of the two different...

May 21, 2018-Whose Reality Are You Living? ~ Corinna Stoeffl

Dancing Your Life ~ Corinna Stoeffl Radio Show Do you look outside of you to find out what is real for you or do you live your values and what is important to you (your reality)? Put in a different way; do you look from the outside in or from the inside out? Is the world affecting your life or are you affecting the world? What the heck does that all mean? It means, in this show, we will look at how we live our...

May 14, 2018-Are You Creating or Destroying Your Life? ~ Corinna Stoeffl

Dancing Your Life ~ Corinna Stoeffl Radio Show On the other side of the move, there were more decisions to make about letting go or keeping. One way I dealt with this is asking the question: Is keeping this destroying or creating my life? Or in other words it this contributing to my life or detracting from it? All things have energy and often it may not be an obvious thing. Are manuscripts my grandmother wrote in...

May 7, 2018-Moving ~ Uprooting Your Life ~ Corinna Stoeffl

Dancing Your Life ~ Corinna Stoeffl Radio Show I just moved to another state. There are so many aspects to a move. How much does one accumulate during almost 12 years in a place? What do I let go of and what do I keep? What’s the impact of relationships with friends? Building connections in the new community. This time, moving was an utterly interesting experience, being present with myself and what was going on...

April 30, 2018-Projections, Expectations, Separations, Judgments And Rejections, PESJR ~ Corinna Stoeffl

Dancing Your Life ~ Corinna Stoeffl Radio Show PESJR, that’s a strange collection of words. What do they have to do with each other? Actually, all of the PESJR's are contributing to stress , to frustration and to limitations in our lives. We’ll look at them individually and where they show up in life. Are they even playing a role in our lives? How many PESJR have we taken on from other people, believing that...

April 23, 2018-Being in Relationship with the Earth ~ Corinna Stoeffl

Dancing Your Life ~ Corinna Stoeffl Radio Show Are you in relationship with the earth? What does that look like for you? What do you do to maintain that relationship? Does the earth want to be in relationship with you? Can she be in relationship with you? Let’s have a look at these two sides of a relationship and all the conclusions we have around that subject. We just celebrated Earth Day. This year’s theme...