X-Men: Seeing Beyond The 4 Senses on Talk to the Entities with Cara and Bret with Special Guest Diva Diaz

X-Men: Seeing Beyond The 4 Senses on Talk to the Entities with Cara and Bret with Special Guest Diva Diaz

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June 18, 2014 by Talk to the Entities® with Cara and Bret

OH man!! We have Diva Diaz on the Show this week!! She specializes in the Access Consciousness X-Men classes.

X-Men is the name we affectionately give to kids and adults who have amazing capacities, much like the X-Men movies! They are the people that in today’s society are often labeled as having Autism, OCD, ADD and ADHD amongst other labels. What if these aren’t disabilities at all? What if they are abilities waiting to be uncovered? Well I’m here to tell you that they are! And one of the areas that is often very prevalent in the life of these kids and adults is that of ghosts and entities.

Have you always ‘seen’ or been aware of the presence of entities and ghosts? Many of us are aware of these things since a very young age, and in a lot of cultures it’s well known that spirits exist. But are we ever given the tools to deal with them? Or to have more ease with our awareness of them?

I have seen entities since I can remember, in fact I used to think that everyone else could see them too! Although this may seem novel and even fun now it wasn’t always that way, I remember as a young child going to bed every night saying ‘I know you’re there but please don’t let me see you’. Now with the tools of Access I can have a very different interaction with entities, ghosts, spirits, whatever you want to call them. Would you be interested in having that level of ease with your awareness of the spirit world too?

Diva grew up in England with her Colombian parents in a home where there was very little information about labels and learning difficulties. From the perspective of someone who has many of the traits of Autism, Diva has been able to use tools and techniques from Access Consciousness to create a greater connection and communication with not only the people around her, but also with clients that range from educators and parents of autistic children, to kids themselves.