New Possibilities in Relationships with Susan Lazar Hart

New Possibilities in Relationships with Susan Lazar Hart

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June 5, 2015 by Super Scoop of Consciousness

Relationships-Yikes!  How many of us are taught to settle for “good enough”, to accept what isn’t working, rather than risk choosing something new, something fresh, something different.

What if you didn’t have to accept or settle for anything? What if creating a life for you didn’t have to be risky, traumatic or emotional?

What if discovering what’s possible could be fun? What if you could actually create a new beginning every day?

Susan Lazar Hart is a Relationship Coach, consciousness thought leader, executive creator of Right Relationship for You™, and an Access Consciousness® Facilitator. Susan has been with her partner, Ricky for over 40 years and has ongoing interesting relationships with her four adult children. She transforms the way the people around the world view themselves, their relationships and their bodies, inspiring greater ease and joy in their relationships with everything and everyone – including themselves.