Entities and Addiction: The Heaviest Subject on Earth!

Entities and Addiction: The Heaviest Subject on Earth!

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March 5, 2014 by Talk to the Entities® with Cara and Bret

When we started to look at what we would like to create with this show about entities and addiction we realized how much heaviness, doom and gloom people functioned from with these topics…As if entities wasn’t one of the most judgeable topics…so now let’s throw in addiction….ha!

Here is the thing….what if everything is the opposite of what it appears to be? What if looking at these two subjects combined could give people the keys to more freedom…from judgment, from wrongness, from being a victim. What if it lead to people’s freedom to choose differently, to be empowered, to be potent, and to know they can change anything.

Here are some questions for you to play with before the show so you can explore what you know:

What have you made so wrong about entities and addiction that you won’t even let yourself be aware of them?

What if your willingness to be aware of entities could bring more ease with addiction…your own or loved ones?

What if adding awareness of entities can dynamically change your ability to choose something different in the face of addiction?

Did you know you always have a choice…choice with addiction….choice with entities? Where have you given up your choice with addiction and with entities? Would you like to have it back now??