Am I Making this Shit Up? on TTTE with Cara and Bret

Am I Making this Shit Up? on TTTE with Cara and Bret

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March 26, 2014 by Talk to the Entities® with Cara and Bret

One of the most effective and common ways of creating ourselves unaware of entities and energies is by buying the idea of, “I am just making this shit up.”

Except…is that really true??

There is a pragmatic and simple tool we use in Access Consciousness and Talk to the Entities called question.

What does that mean?….Here is an example…say these two phrases out loud to yourself…

I am making this shit up.

Am I making this shit up?

So you know the difference in the energy each of these sentences create? Does the first statement create any space and curiosity in you world, or does it feel like a conclusion that stops the energy? Does the second QUESTION create a sense of wonder and possibility? Do you feel how curious you become?

One of the greatest side benefits of “talking” to the entities is that it is a choice you make to TRUST what you know, even if you can’t prove it, noone sees it, or agrees with you.

Being in the questions and acknowledging the that you KNOW something different, in this case with entities”, is one of the most dynamic ways you can TRUST you have MORE of you than you ever thought possible…

Do YOU know more is out there??

Do YOU know the spirit world is just waiting to be acknowledged?

Do YOU know that magic is not make believe??

Would you like a ticket on the rocket ship to a whole new reality with entities?

Did I just hear you say..HELL YA???

Okay….the cost of that ticket is the difference between the statement above and the QUESTION it could be…

Are you ready to KNOW YOU, TRUST YOU and DEMAND TO BE YOU???

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